Ready to take the stress out of healthy eating, and make peace with this food thing?

I've got your back!

I didn't know where to begin

10 years ago, I was in pain. Bending over to tie my shoes felt like I was a tube of toothpaste being squeezed from the middle with the cap still on. At my heaviest I lost circulation as soon as I knelt down, a short walk made my head pound and my heart race, and simple household chores left me exhausted. Worst of all I couldn't reach to give my husband a proper hug.  

I was smart, of course I knew the difference between a salad and a plate of fettuccine Alfredo but after years of living with bad habits I had no idea where to begin to create a new healthy relationship with food.

On August 18th 2008 my husband and I started making small healthy eating swaps and the changes that followed blew our minds!

Soon, the intentional swaps became an easy part of our daily routine. Our new approach to food immediately took the stress out of healthy eating. Following an eating plan gave us the wins we needed to stay motivated. De-stressing food was the key to creating new habits that became our new lifestyle.  

Now, without thinking our portions are under control, we have the energy to outlast our kids, and enjoy all life has to offer without worrying about a backsliding.

I'm confident, the habits we learned will last a lifetime.

Are you ready to make healthy habits that last?

How does this sound?

  • Take the stress out of healthy eating to make it easy to stay on track and avoid overwhelm!
  • Start generating momentum to blast through your goals!
  • No reinventing the wheel - the planning is already done!
  • Eat food for real life aka not caveman or rabbit food (at least not all rabbit food)!
  • Make healthy food quick and easy so you free to spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love!

This meal plan has been painstakingly organized to give you all this and more!

Real Women Love this Healthy Eating Solution!

The Half Her Size 1500 meal plan is just what I needed to get myself motivated. It’s comprehensive, presented in an organized way that’s very easy to follow and includes easy to find foods. You get meal plans, shopping lists, snack ideas and swaps. Rose has thought of everything. - Christina H.

"I love the layout and that you grouped each day with the recipes! The recipes seem simple and yet delicious and doable. Also, reusing the leftovers for lunch next day is so brilliant. I'm excited about this and look forward to more! Thank you Rose!" - Chris L.

"I love this plan! It has been very helpful for me as a busy mom and the recipes are delicious." - Kelli J.

This meal plan is fantastic! It takes the headache out of trying to come up with something new and healthy to eat on my own. Everything is so clear. The best part for me is the grocery list!  

Well the best part might actually be that Rose has included great ideas for snacks and a splurge now and again – which has kept me going - Chris A.

Most People Think Getting Healthy Requires Extreme Change

This is WRONG!

Building new healthy habits requires:

  • A commitment to being better today than yesterday
  • Steady persistent progress toward your goal
  • Balanced healthy diet of food you enjoy
  • View setbacks as opportunities to build confidence
  • Be moderately active daily
  • Most importantly, REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT!

If you don't take care of your health, who will?

When people count on you, it is vital that you make your own health a priority. Learning to eat mindfully means you can be anywhere, and find nourishing food.

Remember, healthy food is good for everyone! 

You are your kids most important teacher. Children learn more from showing than telling - if you have bad eating habits they will have bad eating habits. 

When you make your health a priority it teaches your children that healthy choices are a family value. Best of all, a workable plan will allow you to be more present to those you love. 

I know this works - I use it every day!

Mindset Coach Health Coach, healthy cooking

I'm a working mom who needs an easy way to keep my body healthy and feed my family food they love. As a mindset coach, I needed a simple system to help my clients reach their healthy eating goals while making the mental shifts to lasting health and wholness. 

I created this plan from the exact way my husband & I transformed our relationship with food and reclaimed our health! It fits into our busy life, because it uses "normal" food that the entire family can enjoy together.

The easy recipes make healthy eating sustainable and delicious.

You'll Get:

  • 14 - Daily 1500 Calorie Menus
  • 2 - Week at a Glance printables  
  • Easy Recipes with Simple Ingredients  
  • 2 - Complete Shopping Lists  
  • All nutrition content so you can swap in your favorite healthy recipes while staying on track
  • Daily Splurges you get to choose! 
  • All in an easy to follow ebook format including introduction and details on how to make the plan your own.

Best of all? It's flexible to meet your needs

What are you Waiting for??