Stop Stressing about Healthy Eating!

Simplify your life and eat healthy food every day!

You want to eat healthier 


You wish someone would just tell you what to do.  

Guess what? 

I've been there & I've got your back! 

Real Healthy Habits START Now

What if it was possible to end the food rollercoaster and finally embrace sustainable healthy eating?

With this complete meal plan, I’ll help you direct your efforts to take simple steps that will have the biggest impact.  

Meaning, you’ll STOP stressing about how to prioritze healthy eating or spinning your wheels with every new diet trend that'll never get you anywhere. 

Instead, you’ll spend LESS time than most people spend in perpetual overwhelm towards confidently taking action -- and putting easy HEALTHY food on the table every single day. 

How's this sound?

  • Take the stress out of healthy eating to make it easier to stay on track and avoid overwhelm
  • Generate sustainable momentum to finally make change that lasts
  • No reinventing the wheel - the planning is already done
  • Eat food for real life aka not caveman or rabbit food (okay, a little rabbit food)
  • Make healthy food quick and easy to have more time for the things you love, with the people who matter most

What you’ll get in the meal plan

I've packed huge value into a system that fits even the busiest of busy families. 

The 1500 meal plan is designed specifically for women eager improve their relationship with food and serve all-star meals to the entire family.

  • Easy to follow 1500 calorie daily menus
  • Breakfast, Lunch, & Snacks designed for women on-the-go
  • Delicious family dinners
  • Week at a glance printable
  • 14 - Mix n' Match Days
  • Complete nutritional information breakdown
  • Complete grocery list - huge time saver!
  • Daily Splurge 

Fits in the Rhythm of Life

Great Food!

Time Saver!



People Love it!

Christina Hitchcock It's a Keeper Blog

"The Half Her Size 1500 meal plan is just what I needed to get myself motivated. It’s comprehensive, presented in an organized way that’s very easy to follow and includes easy to find foods. 

You get meal plans, shopping lists, snack ideas and swaps. Rose has thought of everything. I can’t wait to get started!"

Christina HItchcock, creator of

"This meal plan is fantastic! It takes the headache out of trying to come up with something new and healthy to eat on my own.  

Everything is so clear. The best part for me is the grocery list! Well, the best part might actually be that Rose has included great ideas for snacks and a splurge now and again – which has kept me going."

Chris A.

"I love this plan! It has been very helpful for me as a busy mom and the recipes are delicious." 

Kelli J.

"I love the layout and that you grouped each day with the recipes! 

The recipes seem simple and yet delicious and doable. Also, reusing the leftovers for lunch next day is so brilliant.  

Chris L.

Everything you need to get started today

  • 14 - Daily Menus with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, & dessert!
  • 2 - Week at a Glance printables  
  • Easy Recipes with Simple Ingredients  
  • 2 - Complete Shopping Lists  
  • All nutrition content so you can swap in your favorite healthy recipes
  • Daily Splurges you get to choose!  
  • Totally flexible to meet your needs

All you do is follow the plan!

Half Her Size weight loss meal plan

weight loss success story couple

Hi! I'm Rose McAvoy health coach, creator of Plate Full of Grace and very busy mom.

My journey to live at a healthy weight began in 2008. After a life of weight battles, I was the heaviest I had ever been. I couldn't even hug my husband because my arms didn't reach around our waists.

Doing nothing meant resigning myself to a life of back and joint pain, not being able to care for my home, increasing likelihood of diabetes, limitations on where I could go and what I could do, and giving up the dreams I had for myself and my family. 

I decided I wanted more. Using small daily steps, I made peace with food and took control of my life.

Thanks to simple strategies, I lost 146 pounds and gained a life full of joy, opportunity, and purpose.

Today, I share what I've learned (adding more each day) by encouraging women to eat healthy and live fully so you can be present for what really matters.

 - Rose